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Hunt the Darkness by Stephanie RoweAt the end of February, I released a book 2.5 years in the making: Hunt the Darkness, Order of the Blade, Book 11.

If you are a fan of the Order of the Blade series and have been waiting patiently for a new book, then I hope you’ve enjoyed this fantastic story!

Haven’t gotten it yet?

Read “Hunt the Darkness” TODAY:

About the Book

A princely mage, destined to be a hero but tormented by the loss of the woman he loved. A Calydon warrior, focused on only the goals of the Order of the Blade to protect the good and innocent.

Two immortal men, a warrior and a mage, determined to forget their differences in order to save the ones they love from the demon realm.

Two women who couldn’t be more different, trapped in the demon realm, bonded as sisters in a common cause for good.

Will the passion and danger that ignites between each hero and his woman cause the final destruction of all that matters…or finally free them all from the deadly shadows that grip them so tightly? Will love be enough to save their souls?

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Just introduced to you as an author worth reading and the Blade series. Working my way thru 1-10 but have purchased #11, have it on standby for reading. So far, love all the Blade men and their stories. Hope it doe not take another 2 years for the next episode in the life and loves of the Blade’s.


I got the first book in the Order of the Blade series out of curiosity as it was free on the Amazon Kindle app. I downloaded it on 1st Feb but didnt start it until a couple of weeks later. I have now read all 11 books back to back – they are fantastic but I cannot wait 2 years for the next instalment – I will never cope! More of Ryland please.

I have been a fan for years. I have read the entire Order of the Blade series. Absolutely love the series, the writing, such attention to detail. Every word captures me and drags me into every moment for beginning to end. So much I want to say about book 11 but don’t want to give anything away. Every book is with the read. Waiting for the next story and the next and the next. So much writing to do. The new series, Thano, Dante, Rogan, Drew, the rise of the Queen…so much to look forward to. EXCELLENT work. Thank you… Read more »
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