Yes, the answer is yes! (aka we are awesome!)

So, this has been an AWESOME week with all the excitement about my first paranormal release in what seems like forever!  I want to say a quick thanks, and then answer a few questions that have been coming in over the last few days.

First of all, thank you to everyone who has taken time to write a review and post it, because reviews make a HUGE difference! Already 26 reviews on Amazon and 35 reviews on Goodreads. Having a high number of reviews is awesome, because they show that people are at least trying the book, but when they’re good? OMG, it’s soo much better (I mean, it’s a rite of passage to get “this book totally sucks” reviews at all, but I’m not gonna lie that it feels so much better to get good ones)! So far, Immortally Cursed has an average 4.62 stars on Goodreads, and 4.6 on Amazon. PHEW and YAY and THANK YOU!

Reviews make a difference, because readers will often decide to try or pass on a book based on reviews, so they matter a lot. So, truly, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of you who took the time to write them! I would hug every one of you personally if I could!

Second, a few questions from folks:

Question 1: Is there a print copy of Immortally Cursed coming out?

YES! I actually just got my proof in the mail today! How awesome does that look?  I think the “NOT FOR RESALE” banner across the front make it a collector’s item! 

(And yes, I did strategically position it next to my RITA Award for Best Paranormal Romance from 2018. That statue is huge and heavy, and I feel like I won an Oscar whenever I carry around the block with me just to show it off…just kidding. I don’t do that anymore. Much. But I’m not gonna like, I am so damn proud of that award. It’s the biggest one in the romance industry, and I cried when I won).

And check out this pic of it! Look how thick it is! It’s SO FREAKING LONG! You will get your money’s worth out of it! 

And, while we’re on the subject of strategic background placement, you might notice some of the inspirational quotes on the wall and the table behind Immortally Cursed. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s hard as hell to believe in myself and get the courage up to press onward when I sit down at the keyboard, so my walls are plastered with all sorts of messages to keep me going, and to keep me focused on being authentically me, because that’s what it takes to make a book come to life.

Question 2:  Is Immortally Cursed related to your Rowe Immortally Sexy series?

YES! For those of you unfamiliar with the Immortally Sexy series, it was off-the-charts popular with my readers, and got nominated for some huge awards (like the aforementioned RITA Award that I finally won last summer, with Hunt the Darkness). Unfortunately, the series was held hostage by my former publisher for several centuries (me? Exaggerate? Never. Because that’s what it felt like!). They were charging obscene prices for the ebooks ($13.99 for the eBook!), so none of my readers could afford it, but they wouldn’t let me write any more books for the series, despite so many requests from my readers. So, after much kneecapping, stalking, and other positive-feel-good activities, I finally got the rights back to it last fall. HOORAY!

I wanted to honor the books and my readers by updating the series, and not just throwing them back on the shelves, so I took the first one, added 30,000 words (it was originally 78k words) and overhauled the existing text. Then I changed the title, the cover, my pen name, and voila! The first book in the series became Immortally Cursed,the book that finally hit the shelves this week.

This series is a special series. When it originally sold to publishers, it sold in a three-publishing bidding war, because they all loved it so much. Later on, one of the editors who lost out on acquiring the rights to it, approached me at a conference and told me that she still, to this day, regrets losing out on that series. The series is cool, it’s unique, and it’s special, which is why I spent five months updating Immortally Cursed, before republishing it. It deserved it, and so do you guys!

Question 3: You have so many new series coming out. Are any of them connected to Immortally Cursed?

YES! The world of Immortally Cursedis really freaking cool, and Satan is my most popular character of all-time with my readers. For this reason, I wanted to give back to my new and old fans of the series by creating spinoffs. Both Devilishly Sexyand Slightly Deadare direct spinoffs, and they will be woven together with the Immortally Cursedworld.


Question 4: Will the free book bonus extend past Saturday night?

I would love to keep it going, but I need to get focused on getting things in place for The Demon You Trust, which is coming out in a couple weeks. But the good news is that folks have enjoyed getting the free bonus book so much that I’m trying to figure how I can keep doing that sort of thing for future releases. That means I need to figure it out pretty quickly for The Demon You Trust, since it’s out in two weeks, so I have to wrap up thing with Immortally Cursedfreebie this weekend. So, go grab it if you haven’t gotten it yet!  Deets are here if you need ’em:
Click here for deets on the Immortally Cursed free bonus book offer

Question 5: I love reading the emails you are getting from readers. Are you going to keep including them after this book launch?

YES! I love it too! It’s so fun to get a glimpse into the personal side of things, to remember that authors and readers are all people, and that our lives intermingle through the pages of the books. Today’s featured reader email came in late in the evening this week, right as I was shutting down the computer. It was so beautiful that I forwarded it to my mom, and I took a joyful, appreciative heart to bed with me that night. Thank you to Alanna for taking the time to write this email, and giving me permission to share it with my readers:

Girl….I have already read Rock Your Evil, and The Demon You Trust. I pre-ordered Immortally Cursed and I cannot wait to get started on it. I love everything of yours that I read. I have read the entire Order of the Blade series, and the entire Wyoming Rebels series. I have also researched for other books you have written and am currently in the middle of Leopard’s Kiss.  I cannot get over the fact that your style of humor & sarcasm is so in line with mine. I will say that I hope that Thano’s story will be coming in the future. The way you intertwined his character into Rock Your Evil was great. It makes a bigger picture out of all your paranormal “scenes”, so to speak. It’s like intertwining the universe, so I am totally down with more of that in the future. (Just an idea!) 

I also want to say that I love the fact that you are so real. You seem so down to earth.  Not stuffy or uptight at all. Lol. I think because of your realness you are able to connect so well with the characters, and the readers.  You should feel phenomenal! I think you are the one who is rocking things! I checked out your list of upcoming releases and I am super stoked! I can’t wait! 

Keep doing what you are doing, because I am going to keep on reading! 

We are awesome!  


My favorite line from her email? We are awesome.  Because she’s right. We are ALL awesome! We all make this world a better place in our own special way. So sending huge hugs all around!

Until next time,

SAB, your favorite author whose blog post you are currently reading

PS  If you’ve started reading Immortally Cursed, comment below and let me know what you think! I’d love to include you as my next featured reader!

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