Pranking My Daughter & Awesome Reader Bonus Reveal

Okay, so I’m so sorry that it’s taken me so long to post about the cool bonus I created for The Demon You Trust, which is coming out TOMORROW! (Yay! So soon!). That crazy little thing called life is just so full that sometimes you can’t get to everything!

As I sit here typing, the clock is ticking on a great prank I have set up. My daughter’s friend and mom are coming over here in a little bit, and my beloved (aka Joe) and I have set up the recycling bin outside the front door. I’m going to hide it in with an evil clown mask it on, and he’s going to meet them on the walkway. When they are all in place, along with my daughter (who has been not pre-warned), Joe is going to utter the code words, and then I’m going to leap up and out of the bin, screaming, waving my arms, while wearing Evil Clown Mask.

Here is the run-through:

I think this is the least I can do as a good mom, don’t you think? My daughter is so freaking lucky to have me as a mom. Seriously. Especially since we have a video camera set up to record what will hopefully be a successful endeavor.

Why do I do this kind of thing? Because it’s HILARIOUS, and there is no great gift in life than the gift of laughter, both to yourself and to the world around you, and I am a giving and loving person…

Okay, I got a little distracted. Back to the bonus.

So, as y’all know, I did a quick little launch of Rock Your Evil, and I included The Demon You Trust for free. Then I included Not Quite a Devil as a freebie with Immortally Cursed. Both of those were very limited time offers, so although many people were able to take advantage, a lot of people missed out.

This means, I got two types of emails:

  • I got emails from people who were so pumped and so appreciative of the bonus freebie.
  • I received emails from people were super bummed that they’d hadn’t known about the offer in time, or didn’t get paid in time, or were confused about when it ended.

This got me thinking, and when I get thinking, things happen (see paragraph #2 above).

By the way, my daughter just came in and she told me her friend/mom haven’t left their house yet. I really don’t want to sit in a slightly stinky recycle bin in the hot sun with the lid closed for longer than I have to, but how many times can I ask her if they’ve left yet without her getting suspicious? Seriously. If she wasn’t so traitorous, we would totally bring her in on it, but she’d definitely warn them. Therefore, she must suffer along with them. Which means I’m going to have to suffer in that recycle bin.

The things us moms do for our kids, right?

Anyhoodles, back to the bonus for you guys. I love you guys. I want to show you my appreciation for your support and love, but I don’t have any more stories to give away for free. So…what to do?

I thought for a bit. Then I went to see the Avengers movie, which was fantastic. Then I thought for a bit. Then, all the pieces fell into place, and I realized that I wanted Chris Hemsworth to be my personal trainer… oh, wait…that’s not the piece I was going to share with you.

UPDATE: My daughter just texted me that they are their way and will be here in 19 minutes. So I will go out to the recycle bin in 14 minutes. I can handle five minutes in there right? I told my daughter I need to get dressed so I needed a warning on how much time we had. Doesn’t she know me well enough by now not to trust me? Clearly not. That just shows you what a great mom I am.

Okay, so, back to the bonus for you guys, and my Chris Hemsworth…ahem…I mean my Avengers inspirations. All those Marvel® movies have those cool post-credits scenes that everyone sits around in the theatre and waits for, right? So…why couldn’t I create something equally as cool for you guys?

So, I went onto YouTube and I watched every single Marvel post-credit scene, analyzing them to figure out what made them worth sitting through twenty minutes of credits to see. Then I applied that to my books and my readers and did some more thinking, brainstorming, and strategizing.

And then, I came up some cool-as-hell bonus scenes for the Demon You Trust. I’m not gonna lie. They might be even better than the actual book, which is pretty freaking awesome.

So, basically, that’s what I did.

I wrote all-new awesome-as-hell bonus scenes that go outside the lines with what you read in The Demon You Trust, and reveals the stuff that you WISH you knew about when you finish the story. And then, because I loved doing it so much, I’m already working on more Super Secret Bonus Scenes for Not Quite a Devil.

AND, here’s the best part! Since I am writing these SSBS for specific books, I am never going to take them away! So, they will be a part of that book forever! So, whoohoo!

So, here’s what you need to know:

  • Books that have bonus scenes will have this freaking AWESOME medallion on the cover. Sometimes the medallion will be added very close to release date, and sometimes, the medallion will be on there from the start. My goal is to include Super Secret Bonus Scenes for every book, but I can’t always promise it will happen, so the medallion doesn’t go up until the Super Secret Bonus Scenes are written.

  • To get the Super Secret Bonus Scenes, you will need to click the private, secure link at the end of the book. This link will take you to a page, where you can download the Super Secret Bonus Scenes in either .mobi or .epub format. The Super Secret Bonus Scenes will NOT be included in the ebook you purchase. You must go to the Insider Access page to get them.

This is what a book will look like that has the cover on it. Cool, right? 

Writing these Super Secret Bonus Scenes is stretching me as a writer, because I want them to be so intense and compelling, and it’s not always easy to do that in a shorter space. I want you to read them and say, “Holy shit. That was freaking AWESOME.” I want you to feel that way every time you read them. Every. Single Time. That’s my pledge to you: I will do my absolute best to rock your world with every single Super Secret Bonus Scene I write. If it’s not compelling enough, I won’t give it to you.

So, what do you think? Isn’t that cool? That’s my thanks to you… oh, wait…I need to go hide in a recycle bin. I’ll be back in a few minutes…

Okay! I’m back! OMG! That was awesome! So, Joe, my apprentice, was in charge of setting up the two cameras (one slow-mo, and one regular), and then, he was in charge of luring our victims close to the recycle bin, and then giving me the code words “Why don’t you come on in?” when they were close enough.

Phase 1: Get both mother and daughter out the car, and get my daughter outside. Accomplished.

Phase 2: Utter code word. Leap out screaming. Accomplished…but Apprentice Joe didn’t quite have the distance aspect mastered yet, and they were too far away! When I leapt up screaming, they all just turned and looked at me, instead of screaming in terror and diving for cover.

Which wasn’t exactly what I was going for.

HOWEVER, the fact I had been hiding in recycle bin for seven minutes with a rubber clown mask on my head, only to leap up and have NO ONE be afraid was so freaking hilarious that we were all dying of laughter anyway. Oh, and Apprentice Joe went 0 for 2 on the cameras, so we got nothing but one still photo. But that fact again resulted in gales of laughter when they saw the phone strategically duct-taped to the pillar to record it, only to have that be a fail as well.

So, there was zero terror, but it was so freaking hilarious. We were all dying of laughter, which was really the point anyway, right?

The most beautiful thing of all was the fact that the mom (whose father recently passed away) had been discussing funeral plans on the way over, and she said she’d been on the verge of tears when they arrived. But our entire escapade had sent her into such gales of laughter, and she was so grateful that we had brought her from such a tough place into laughter, love, and sunshine.

Laughter matters. Laughter can be one of the most healing gifts that we can bless ourselves and each other with. This is why I have transitioned some of my writing into the more humorous side, because I believe that if I can bring even the tiniest little bit of light into someone’s darkness, then that is a beautiful thing.

Don’t be afraid to be silly. To laugh. To be entertained. It makes everything better. To scare the crap out of those you love the most.

Sending you much love,


PS The Demon You Trust comes out TOMORROW! HOLY CRAP! I AM SO EXCITED!



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2 years ago

That book was amazing and well trying to scare your daughter and failing well that was funny as hell thank you made my day as well …

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