heart smiled last night...

Last night I got the coolest email from one of my readers who took advantage of my Rock Your Evil deal and got the The Demon You Trust for free. This email meant so much to me! Check it out:
“I burned through the Demon You Trust, and am totally hooked!  I was hoping there might be a full-length already available I was so excited. So, definitely ready for this series to get going! My favorite part were how romantic beats were not over-the-top. These two characters just met, and I like when there’s a gradual deepening of the bond and relationship. Also, I hope we see a potential romantic partner for Van Helsing soon too. He was just so sad! Anyway, did I mention I was hooked?
I’m part-way through Rock Your Evil and so far am loving it… 
I’m SOOOOO glad you are back at it. Seriously, you have a gift, and being able to escape into your books is part of my personal ‘banish-burnout’ coping strategies. I hope your flow continues!”
~Tyné S. 

How amazing is this? I can’t even express how much I appreciate emails like this from my readers. I write for you, and to know that I’m giving you joy is such a precious gift to me. Thank you to Tyné S. and all the other readers who let me know how much my stories mean to them.  
Don’t forget, only 24 hours left to take advantage of the special offer to get The Demon You Trust for free when you purchase Rock Your Evil (the link to get your bonus book is in the back of Rock Your Evil).
Have a spectacular day!! 
PS If you have read Rock Your Evil or The Demon You Trust, comment below and let me know what you thought! I would love to feature more awesome reader emails! 
PPS Don’t forget! Only 24 hours left to get your free bonus book! Here are the links again for Rock Your Evil if you missed them in yesterday’s email:

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