Books by S.A. Bayne

Noble As Hell Series

Immortally Cursed Series

Devilishly Sexy Series

Slightly Dead Series

Magical Elite Series

Order of the Blade Series

Heart of the Shifter Series

Shadow Guardians Series

NightHunter Series

Alaska Heat Series

Ice by Stephanie Rowe

Ice Book 1

Chill by Stephanie Rowe

Chill Book 2

Ghost by Stephanie Rowe

Ghost Book 3

Canine Cupids Series

Wyoming Rebels Series

Rodeo Knights Series

Birch Crossing Series

Mystic Island Series

Holiday Books

Other Contemporary Books

The Sharpest Edge by Stephanie Rowe

The Sharpest Edge Contemporary Romance

Stress & the City by Stephanie Rowe

Stress & the City Contemporary Romance

Mapleville High Series

The Forgotten Series


The Feel Good Life by Stephanie Rowe

The Feel Good Life Individual Title

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