Accidentally Mine

Accidentally Mine

Book 2: Birch Crossing

After losing his wife and youngest son in a tragic accident, Jason Sarantos will do anything for his remaining son, including giving up his demanding career as a surgeon and moving to a small Maine town. Jason is determined to rebuild his life, but happiness feels like an elusive dream amidst the shadows of his past…until he meets a local artist with a sparkle in her eye and sass in her step. Astrid Munroe’s quick wit and deep vulnerability ignite a searing fire in Jason that he thought was long dead…but the last thing she wants in her life is a man.

Astrid once believed in love, but the scars etched on her heart remind her that the only one she can trust is herself. The flamboyant designer with the spunky demeanor will never show the world how much she is struggling…until she meets Jason, a man whose tormented past enables him to see the secrets she is trying to hide.

The connection between the two damaged souls is instant and electrifying, thrusting them into a future neither one of them is prepared for. Can they heal each other enough to risk a second chance at love, or will the fire consume them first?

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