Irresistibly Mine

Irresistibly Mine

Book 4: Birch Crossing

When an ex-military hottie and a spunky social worker discover they’ve accidentally rented the same lakeside cabin, things get complicated in a hurry.

“I can’t find the words to adequately express how much I loved this book.” ~Elizabeth N. (Amazon Review)

Kidnap-recovery specialist Blue Carboni is used to dangerous missions and big cities, so he’s out of his element when he retreats to a quaint Maine town to regroup from a mission gone wrong. He wants a week of solitude, but when a sassy, fiery woman barges into his cabin in the middle of the night, he realizes that there might be something else he needs to heal: her.

Chloe Dalton’s life just had a major crash and burn. She’s now jobless, homeless, and single, and she needs a landing place while she figures out her next steps. When a friend offers a lakeside cottage, she’s all in—until she discovers a very sexy, alarmingly dangerous man in the bed she was planning to sleep in.

Things get hot fast between the two temporary residents of Birch Crossing. All they want is a lighthearted fling for their week in town, but their hearts need so much more…and they just might get it.

“Excuse me while I wipe these tears. So heartwarming and healing. I feel like I just lived as part of this story.” ~Vicki R (Amazon Review) 


“This book has the capacity to touch 90% of the women’s lives. I went through all the fears and anguish of the characters with them and came out the other side feeling the hope and love. I would even say I experienced some healing of my own.” ~cyinca (Amazon Review)

“Do not hesitate to read the series, you will not be sorry.” ~Amazon Customer (Amazon Review)

“Beautiful, tear-filled and amazing!” ~Kindle Customer (Amazon Review)

“Awesome story of hope, love, and forgiveness. Excellent read that will bring tears to your eyes and a warmth to soul.” ~Amazon Customer (Amazon Review)

“A beautiful romance that touched me deeply.” ~Madison F. (Amazon Review)

“I can’t find the words to adequately express how much I loved this book.” ~Elizabeth N. (Amazon Review)

“MUST MUST READ! …Love this story!!!” ~sydney (Amazon Review) 

“I can’t begin to express how much I loved this book. I will warn you that you may need some tissue for this one. I cried like a baby through a few parts of it. Stephanie definitely knows how to tug on the heart strings. That is one of the things I love most about her books. She can make me cry and laugh on the same page. I think this may be one of her best books yet…If you haven’t already fallen in love with Rowe’s books, you will after this.” ~Carla E. (Amazon Review)”I love this book!” ~B&N Review

“It is a really well-written romance with a real message about love and hope.” ~L.Levine (Amazon Review)

“What a privilege to read such a beautiful romance.” ~Tammy A (Amazon Review)

“So many emotions in one book. Amazing story.” Heather C. (Amazon Review)

“Do not hesitate to read the series, you will not be sorry.” ~Amazon Customer (Amazon Review)

“I’ve loved the Birch Crossing series from the beginning.” ~BigRedAmazon25(Amazon Review)

“I haven’t come across a series of books that made me laugh and made me cry. Fabulous characters, great story lines, and wonderful HEA’s. Worth the read!!!!” ~Denise (Kobo Review)

“Love this series!! Really well written, and great characters!!” ~GooglePlay Review

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