Irresistibly Mine

Irresistibly Mine

Book 4: Birch Crossing

As a kidnap-recovery specialist, Blue Carboni is an expert at anticipating the unexpected. But when he retreats to a small Maine town after a tragic mission, he encounters the one thing he isn’t prepared for: a woman who can make him feel again. Chloe Dalton’s spunky compassion and vibrant sensuality upend his carefully constructed world the moment she stumbles into his cabin, not expecting him to be sleeping there‚Ķwith a gun.

Chloe’s life has just hit a major crash and burn, but she’s determined to use that failure to springboard herself into the life she has never been brave enough to grab. Her plan definitely doesn’t include dating, no matter how wildly attracted she is to Blue, with his shadowed past and dark secrets.

Despite their mutual resistance, the intense connection between Chloe and Blue drags them both from survival mode into a passionate, soul-baring connection that shatters the shields they’ve been hiding behind their whole lives. For the first time, they have a chance to become more, but to do so, both of them will have to trust each other in a way neither of them have ever trusted before.

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