Stephanie Rowe

Triple Trouble

Book 4: Mia Murphy Series

About the Book

Mia Murphy’s friends have dubbed her the Corpse Whisperer…and life is about to prove them right.

Mia, Hattie, and Lucy are off to a posh island resort for a much-needed girls trip to coastal Maine. Sun, fun, margaritas, and a birthday party are their only plans…until they discover Hattie’s cousin with a corpse in her hot tub and the cops on her deck.

With her monogrammed knitting needles lodged in his chest, Hattie’s cousin is the primary suspect. But who lets a widowed sassy senior spend her birthday in jail? Not Mia and her pals.

As Mia, Hattie, and Lucy investigate behind-the-scenes shenanigans at the VIP resort, stakes skyrocket when they link the victim to Mia’s missing mom. With the body count rising, they plunge into a high-octane race involving an unusual boat captain,  haunted caves, secret identities, and pirate booty.

To complicate matters, Mia’s former FBI handler is trying to call the shots, and Bass Derby’s eccentric mystery writer arrives with Mia’s cranky cat and an agenda. Mia must prove she’s no corpse whisperer, cement her claim that she’ll never date again, and engage in possibly criminal tactics to keep her beloved trio of trouble from becoming the next victims.

It’s about to get outrageous, dangerous, and downright personal.

Chock full of twists, hilarity, and warmth, Triple Trouble is a fast-paced whodunnit with addictive banter, riotous suspense, and an irresistibly unapologetic cat.

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The Details

Published: March 5, 2024
Publisher: Authenticity Playground Press
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-959845-54-6
Genres & Tropes
Cozy Mystery, Cozy Animal Mystery, Cozy Cat Mystery, Cozy Culinary Mystery, Women Sleuth, Amateur Sleuth, Holiday Caper, Holiday Mystery,