Penelope Moonswoggle: The Girl Who Could Not Ride A Dragon

Penelope Moonswoggle: The Girl Who Could Not Ride A Dragon

Book 1: The Forgotten Series

Everyone can ride a dragon.

Everyone except Penelope Esmeralda Moonswoggle, that is.

Poor Penelope’s going to be kicked out of town onto her dragon-challenged bahonkas if she doesn’t find a way to stay astride by Saturday at midnight.

Not that Penelope is about to let that happen. See, there’s one dragon she might be able to ride, one marvelous purple dragon with sparkly wings and a ruby toe ring. To find him, Penelope must brave the Land of Forgotten Wishes, a place where nothing is quite as it should be, where wishes come true or disappear forever.

Can Penelope finally make her life happen the way she wants? She thinks she can. The rest of the world might disagree.

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