Darkness Awakened

Darkness Awakened

Book 1: Order of the Blade

Can two sworn enemies overcome dangerous attraction to save those they love? A grumpy immortal warrior and a sassy, modern-minded witch team up in a steamy, irresistible romance.

Grace isn’t about to let a grumpy warrior keep her from saving her sister. She’ll do whatever it takes to get his help, including a bit of rule-breaking and blackmail. As for the addictive attraction between them? She’s ignoring it completely.

Quinn is a little too busy and a lot too antisocial to help an interfering witch find her sister. But when he realizes the distractingly sexy siren might be the key to everything he wants, he’s all in.

Grace and Quinn are determined to stay single, but a centuries-old, match-making curse has other plans for the pair. Can an immortal warrior burned by love win the heart of the sexy witch meant to save his ever-lovin’ soul?

★★★★★ “I effin love these books.” ~JDE (Five-star Goodreads Review)

★★★★★ “This not normally my cup of tea but this book sure as heck is my shot of whiskey! Enjoy!” ~Krystal (Five-star Goodreads Review)

★★★★★ “It blew me away.” ~Pknv (Five-star Amazon Review)

★★★★★ “Thank the powers that be this author is prolific.” ~Toni G (Five-star Goodreads Review)

★★★★★ “I NEED more of these warriors!!!!!” ~CocoLoco4Books (Five-star Goodreads Review)

★★★★★ “I didn’t want to stop reading it to make dinner or anything else.” ~Hbeebti (Five-star Goodreads Review)

★★★★★ “This was so dreamy. Sigh.” ~Ramblings of a Scattered Mind (Five-star Goodreads Review)

★★★★★ Adventurous, romantic, HOT, steamy and full of the type of sex that us girls only dream about.” ~Melindad (Five-star Goodreads Review)

★★★★★ “Oooh this was a yummy book.” ~Helen A (Five-star Goodreads Review)

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