Book 5: Alaska Heat

New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Rowe delivers another thrilling winner with this whirlwind short novella full of romance, suspense, and a melt-worthy hero. When a former black ops risk-taker runs into his spunky, high school sweetheart sixty years later, he must use all his skills to save his first love from the killers hunting her down.

“Jam packed with excitement and drama!” ~Jen L (Five-star Amazon Review)

“Omg! I love Haas even that much more!” ~Tracie (Five-star Amazon Review)

Alaskan Haas Carter has a black ops past he never talks about. Since the loss of his wife thirty years ago, he’s kept himself locked down, except when his skills are needed to help his friends. But when he runs into his high school sweetheart, suddenly he finds himself wanting to really live again.

Recently widowed after a heart-breaking marriage, Jane Callaway is on the run from her stepsons, who are determined to kill her before she can inherit their father’s estate. Her only chance to escape from the ex-military killers is the man who won her teenage heart sixty years ago.

On the run in the woods of Alaska, with bullets flying, can Haas and Jane survive long enough for a second chance at the love that began so long ago?

“An exhilarating read. Haas is a badass and I totally want to be like Jane at that age. Heck at my age now! It’s rare that you find a romance that features people over 60 or that treats them as vital and active. Sweet, exciting and sexy.” ~kwolff (Five-star Amazon Review)

“On-the-edge excitement plus the romance is just so awesome. Being an older woman myself, I may have to read this often for inspiration.” ~txlamb (Five-star Amazon Review)

“The story I didn’t know I needed.” ~DoctorDonnaSong (Five-star Amazon Review)

“Haas is one heck of a guy.” ~April (Five-star Amazon Review)

“Fantastic read!!!!” ~Scarolet (Five-Star Amazon Review)

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