Geeks Can Be Hot

Geeks Can Be Hot

Book 4: Mapleville High

Natalie is popular with all the boys…but it’s the kind of popular where they think of her as one of the guys. She’s pretty sure most of them don’t even realize she’s a girl. With all of her friends paired off with boyfriends, Natalie is determined to jumpstart her own social life. Now that she’s on varsity cross-country with a fresh crop of boys, she’s certain her life is finally going to get good…until a bad grade in math puts her athletics, and her social plans, at risk.

In order to stay on the team, Natalie must agree to her teacher’s requirement to be tutored by Matt, a sort-of-cute, but annoying, brainiac, who has a better social life than she does. When she is caught with Matt, she panics, and accidentally announces that he’s her boyfriend.  

The minute the lie is out, Natalie’s life changes. Her friends are now including her in their double dates. Her parents have no clue she’s failing math.  And the boys’ varsity captain has finally noticed her.

Having a (fake) boyfriend is the best thing that’s ever happened to Natalie…except that Matt is ready to blow her cover. If only she can convince him to go along with it, everything will be perfect…or will it?

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