Pedicures Don't Like Dirt

Pedicures Don't Like Dirt

Book 3: Mapleville High

Allie Morrison just snagged the best summer job ever! Get tan, meet hot guys, and hang with her bffs. So what if her dad bailed on her? She’s got friends, sun, and guys. Who needs him when she’s got a farm stand to work at?

Turns out, reality sometimes sucks.

The guy Allie likes hasn’t noticed her.

Instead, she’s teamed up with his brother, who thinks she’s useless.

And she discovers that spending the summer working in dirt isn’t tops on her list.

And worst of all, her friends have betrayed her with a stupid bet. The wager? Whether she can get the boy who hates her to change his tune by the end of the summer. The loser has to stuff her bra at the first dance of the year. No way is Allie going to let that happen…but there’s also no chance she’s going to waste time on a boy who thinks she’s an idiot. She’s so outta there.

But her friends aren’t about to take “no” for an answer…

Can Allie survive a summer of match-making, water fights, mud, and boys? She’s about to find out.

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