Call for ARC Reviewers!

Not Quite a Devil, my third book release in five weeks (wow, right!),comes out in six days! I’m SOO excited! Whoohoo! That means we are opening up to accept applications for ARC reviewers again! As seems to be my style of late, I’m a little tardy getting to this, so the window to apply and to get the story read is kinda short, but it’s a novella, so it all works out okay, right? But, if it doesn’t work for your schedule this time, don’t fret! We’ll be opening up for reviewers in a couple weeks for The Curse of the Dragon, which is a nice, long hefty book of fun, romance, and high stakes!! 

Not Quite a Devil is fun, sassy, high-stakes, and a little dark, all at the same time. For those of you who readImmortally Cursed, it’s a spinoff of that story about when Iris and Satan first met.  If this sounds like something you might enjoy, and if you have the time and willingness to post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and at least one other eTailer of your choosing, then you might want to apply to receive an Advanced Reader Copy of Not Quite a Devil.

 Note: Not Quite a Devil contains Super Secret Bonus Scenes, so you must be willing to go through the effort of clicking the link in the back and downloading them, so you can include them in your review!

Click here to read more about Not Quite a Devil  to see if you might be interested in reviewing it. 

Reviews will be due next Friday 5/31, but it would be even better to post them on Tues 5/28, when the book comes out!

If this works with your schedule and you feel you can commit the time to getting it done, submit your application now!

Applications are due by Thursday 5/23 at 10pm Eastern. 

Submit your application here


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