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Note: Despite all efforts to keep to the following publication schedule, sometimes life happens and things need to be adjusted. Updates will be posted if things change. Have a great day!


Burn – Coming July 21, 2020

(Alaska Heat, Book 4) 

In this high-stakes cat-and-mouse game set in the unforgiving Alaskan terrain, the reclusive ex-military tech expert must protect the spunky, sexy tavern hostess from the serial arsonist who has already wiped out the rest of her family.

BONUS: People who preorder the ebook or buy it within seven days of publication will receive a free copy of the original, never-before-published Alaska Heat short story (a happily-ever-after romance), Hunt, and a family recipe from Stephanie. Details will be in the ebook.

One More Kiss – Coming August 18, 2020

(A fun, single-title chick lit with a heart-melting romance)

As the sassy social director at a uppity Boston law firm, Shannon’s job is to keep the interns happy and the lawyers appeased. But when the interns stage a revolt, she’s suddenly in danger of losing everything she has worked for, including the chance for true love and her own happily ever after. 


To Curse a Wraith – Coming August/Sept 2020

(Immortally Sexy, Book 4)

When Paige quit her job as Satan’s minion, she thought she was finally free. But when she accidentally incinerates an angel, she discovers she’s on the fast-track to becoming a soulless, evil wraith. The only way to save herself? Enlist the help of the deliciously sexy shadow warrior sent to push her over the edge

Darkness Awakened: Completely Reimagined – Coming Sept/Oct 2020

(Order of the Blade, Book 1a) 

The first book of Stephanie’s bestselling Order of the Blade series gets a new twist: how it might have gone down instead.


A Real Cowboy Knows How to Love – Coming Late 2020

(Wyoming Rebels, Book 8)  

Logan Stockton finally gets his story. More details coming soon. 

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