Immortally Cursed Release Week!

It’s here!!!

After all the heart & emotion I’ve been pouring into the book and my posts to you about the inside scoop on the story, Immortally Cursed is now available for purchase! I’m SO excited!

It also means the clock has started ticking to get your free bonus paranormal romance with your purchase of Immortally Cursed! The details for how to get your FREE copy of Not Quite a Devil are in the back of Immortally Cursed, so make sure to open your book as soon as you get it! 

Free paranormal romance bonus offer ends Saturday at 10pm Eastern!

In case you missed the behind-the-scenes on Immortally Cursed, here are the links:
**My gritty path to getting published
**My passionate mission to make Immortally Cursed a book you can’t put down
**My commitment to honoring the strong woman inside each and every one of us with this book.

Here are the store links if you want to jump right to the etailer and check out Immortally Cursed!

And here are the detailed steps again on how to get your FREE bonus copy of Not Quite a Devil:

  • PURCHASE the eBook of Immortally Cursed before May 4th at 10pm Eastern.
  • After your get it, open Immortally Cursed and look at the TOC. You will see a section called RELEASE WEEK BONUS.
  • Click on that section. Inside it, you will find a link to the download of Not Quite a Devil.
  • Click the download link and get your book—YOU MUST DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE BOOK BY 11:59 on SUNDAY MAY 5th.

Happy Reading! Please share this offer with anyone who you think might be interested!


PS If you have already started reading it, I want to know how it’s going! Comment below and let me know!

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Melanie Yaksetic
Melanie Yaksetic
1 year ago

Absolutely loved this book!

Charlene Grant
Charlene Grant
1 year ago

The book is as you said a page turner. I’m only to chapter 11 but will probably finish it within a few days. Love the characters and their dialogue, especially the dragon’s personality. I’m hoping Justine and Derek can find a way to get rid of his curse without having to kill each other.

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