It took me ten years...but it was worth the wait!

The date: January 19, 2010.
How long ago is that? Almost nine and a half years ago. What happened on that day?
One that day, almost a decade ago, I started brainstorming The Demon You Trust, which is finally being released on Tuesday.  

Check out this thumbnail of that very first brainstorming document, with the date created right there: 1/19/10.

Since January 19, 2010, I have released more than 30 books. Other books. Other genres. I’ve written several million words. And yet… I didn’t publish that one. I didn’t finish writing that one. Not that one.That story has lived on my hard drive, in various stages of growth and exploration for almost ten years.

When I started writing The Demon You Trust back in 2010, I knew it was special. I loved it from the first moment. I have over forty word files that I created as I put together the world. It’s rich, it’s complex, it’s hilarious, it’s poignant. It has romance, adventure, high stakes, and some of the most creative stuff I’ve come up with. 
And yet…I never got to the point where it was finished. Where I felt it was ready to go. Where I felt that the time was right to launch it.
As you all know, I’ve had some rough patches over the last decade, and sometimes I would pull The Demon You Trust out and start working on it…and then I would stop. I would know it wasn’t the right time. I knew I didn’t have clear vision for what I wanted to do with it, or what it needed to become. 
So, away it would go again.
Until now. Until this spring. Until I relaunched my writing career and my writing fires ignited with a fierce, energizing passion that I’d never before had. This year, this spring, now,I knew it was time.
I went back into my files. I pulled up my notes.  I poured over everything, trying to sort it all out and filter out the parts I wanted to use. And you know what? From the first moment, it felt right. I was having a blast with it. This time, I kept right on going…
This time, this vision for what it needed to become was crystal clear and gloriously brilliant. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it…because for the first time in my life, I knew what I wanted to be and do as a writer. For the first time, I had clarity on myself and my own dreams, and that enabled me to have clarity on the writing.
So, I wrote it. I finished it. And I freaking loved it. 
I sent it to my beta readers. They LOVED it.

My cover designer came up with an AMAZING cover that I couldn’t stop gazing at (seriously, is that an incredible cover or what?). (P.S. See that cool medallion on there? That represents something super awesome I did for you guys, and I will tell you about it tomorrow!)

And then, I set a release date, because once you put something up for preorder on Amazon, there’s no taking it back! 

I tested the waters by giving it as a limited-time bonus with Rock Your Evil. And guess what happened?? AWESOMENESS! I got so many emails from people who loved it! Yay! 

And I’ll be honest, when I look back over the last ten years, I am SO glad I never finished it or published it, because my vision back then was not what it is now. I would have wasted it, produced something that was a fraction of what it had the potential to be. But I didn’t waste it, and instead, it gets to come to life now, in a way that is so perfect!
And now, six days away from release, I’m so freaking excited to finally unveil it to the world! My book, Hunt the Darkness, which won the RITA® Award for Best Paranormal Romance last July took me two and a half years to write. That was by far the longest I’d taken to write a book. Like The Demon You Trust, I kept taking breaks from Hunt the Darkness, and then I would go back to it.
That book won a really big prize.
And now, The Demon You Trust is about to come out, and it took seven years longer that Hunt the Darkness. Does that mean it’s seven years better that the book that won a RITA? If so, damn, right? I’ll take that!
So, the moral of the story:

  1. Don’t give up on anything.
  2. Trust your instincts if they tell you to take your time. Your instincts know a lot of stuff that you don’t. Trust ’em.
  3. Hot single-dad demons are so worth waiting for. 

Seriously, I AM SO PUMPED!!! Whoohoo! Because I’m so freaking excited, my brain can’t shut off, so I came up with a crazy awesome idea to give you guys a sweet bonus withThe Demon You Trust (even if you got it free with Rock Your Evil, you might still want to buy it when you hear what it comes with!). 
But I get to go dinner with my beloved right now, so I have to get off the computer! That means, you will have to wait until tomorrow to hear about the super cool bonus stuff (that was inspired by you guys). I will also be sending out a request for ARC reviewers, maybe later today, but definitely by tomorrow, so keep an eye on your email!
Have an AMAZING night, and never give up on your dreams, even if they are a little bit dusty! 

PS If you read The Demon You Trust with Rock Your Evil, email me and let me know what you thought of it! 

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Bev McCauley
Bev McCauley
2 years ago

I did not get a survey monkey reply to let you know about my reviews

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