It's a good thing I never claimed to be perfect (aka here are the things I forgot to tell you).

Holy cow! It took only ten years from idea to bookshelf, but after a decade in the works, we’re less than eight hours from The Demon You Trust hitting the shelves! I’m SO excited!! I’m barely even recovered from all the excitement and work involved in getting Immortally Cursed released, and now it’s already time for the next book in Year of SAB Publishing Way More Books Than She Can Handle. 
No, seriously. I got this. Right? I actually have a sign hanging next to my desk that says “Actually, I can,” which I’ve had to reference repeatedly because there has been more than a moment or two in the last couple weeks where I’ve questioned my sanity in publishing three books in five weeks. 
But whew, we’re almost to book two and still rockin’, so that’s a good sign!
Getting things in place for the release has been a really cool experience for me. I loved sharing with you the inside storyof how The Demon You Trust  went from initial idea in January of 2010, to published story in May of 2019. It has NEVER taken me a decade to write a book, but I’m so glad that I let it percolate for so long. It feels like a triumphant journey to finally be publishing the idea that was born so long ago! 
If you missed my big reveal about the cool Super Secret Bonus Scenes I created for you guys, starting with The Demon You Trust, make sure you check it out here, so you know what to look out for! 
I got some great questions about the SSBS (that is my insider-only code for the Super Secret Bonus Scenes, in case you thought I’d just lost control of my keyboard), which made me realize I hadn’t explained them very clearly. Sorry about that! I do my best!




So, we are all limited edition, and that’s what makes life awesome, right???

Anyhoodles, here is a quick Q&A that I hope helps you out:
1) Did I get the Super Secret Bonus Scenes already with my free copy of  The Demon You Trust that I got as part of the Rock Your Evil bonus weekend?

No, the SSBS were not part of The Demon You Trust freebie, mostly because they didn’t exist at the time. I literally came up with the idea last week and finished the scenes on Friday. So they are HOT OFF THE PRESSES. 

2) Can I get the Super Secret Bonus Scenes without buying The Demon You Trust?
No. The SSBS are tightly intertwined with the book they are paired with, so the only way to get them is to purchase the book. 
3) How exactly do I get the Super Secret Bonus Scenes?
For the eBook:

  1. Purchase the eBook from Amazon, Google Play, Nook, iBooks, or Kobo.
  2. At the end of the book or in the Table of Contents, locate the section called FREE: Super Secret Bonus Scenes.  
  3. Click the private, secure link in that section that says: Click here to get your FREE Super Secret Bonus Scenes for The Demon You Trust.  
  4. Clicking the link will take you a page on the Book Funnel website. Follow the directions once you get there. 

For the print book:

  1. Purchase the book from Amazon.
  2. Wait for it to arrive at your house.
  3. Open the book.
  4. Begin reading. 
  5. Translation: the SSBS are included in the print book, so you don’t need to download anything. Just settle back and bask!

4) What other books are going to have Super Secret Bonus Scenes?
My goal is to write SSBS for every book I publish from here forward, both the SAB and the Rowe books. I just finished the ones for Not Quite a Devil  today, and they are freaking awesome. The medallion will go on the cover after I have the SSBS finished for a book, just in case something comes up that prevents me from delivering them. So, a book may be up for pre-order without the medallion, but that doesn’t mean the SSBS aren’t on the way! 
So, there we go! Please let me know if you have questions that I haven’t answered!

I really want you guys to enjoy and love the SSBS. I wrote them for YOU, and I’m really excited. It was a little overly-ambitious to decide last minute to include them for two books coming out so soon (i.e. tomorrow and May 28!), but I wanted so much to do it for you guys, and I’m SO happy that I put in the effort. It did mean I was working on Mother’s Day, but you guys are worth it! 
Why did I work over Mother’s Day to get these SSBS ready for you guys? Because our relationship (ours = you and me) is symbiotic. You guys email me thanking me for writing the books because it makes your days better to read them, and those emails touch my heart and make my day better because it makes me so happy to know I’m making a difference in this world, even if it’s one person at a time, one book at a time. We lift each other up, so I will keep giving you guys all I have in my heart to deliver! 
Today’s reader email about The Demon You Trust is an example of the kind of email that makes me want to put the extra effort in for you guys:  
“The Demon You Trust was the perfect preview or intro book to a series. It had just the perfect balance of setting up some long-term mysteries and secrets that could be unveiled over time, while also wrapping up a beat-the-bad-guy storyline in a satisfying way. Also, I still giggle over the sandpaper as her ‘weapon.’ That is so – hilarious. 
I’m looking forward to learning more about Trick’s background and family history and am excited to see how in the world Jack balances raising a daughter while protecting the world. And there are SOOO many possibilities for people to add to the team! With the team starting small, though, I feel like the story is evolving right along with my reading so I’m connected right away. The Calydon warriors were the other way around – you had to catch-up about the team and their world since it had already been going for a while. As satisfying as that series was/is, Demon You Trust hooked me right away. Like, I’m all in.” ~Tyne R.
Wow, right? My heart is full of love after reading it again! Thank you to Tyne, and to everyone else who sends me such love! I appreciate it so much, and I’m so excited to be on this publishing journey with you! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!
Sending each and every one of you so much love! And get excited. Only seven hours and five minutes left until The Demon You Trust comes out!

PS Check out the graphic I made for Instagram about the reader bonus and the failed prank I pulled on my daughter. I am a sub-zero on the talent scale when it comes to art, so I’m pretty darn proud of this little doodad. Never stop growing, right? Hugs! 

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