New Order of the Blade!

A new Order of the Blade is available for preorder TODAY! It’s been almost four years since a new one has come out…and the wait is finally over!

Darkness Awakened: Reimagined is a reinvention of the book that started it all, Darkness Awakened.

If you are new to the series, be prepared for a delicious team of immortal warriors, badass women, humor, emotion, and the deeply romantic falling-in-love that we all read romance for.

If you’re an avid fan already, this book will be perfect to reawaken your love for the series. You might recognize a few moments from the original version, but it’s not the book you read before. It’s the path life could have taken, if things were different. Early readers had said they love it more than the original. Hotter. Sexier. Bolder.

Try it. Breath it in. Stay up all night in a world that will sweep you away.

In this highly anticipated addition to the RITA® Award-winning Order of the Blade series, this stunningly sexy, action-packed paranormal romance between forced mates reveals the power of true love against the darkest evil, but New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Rowe.

Ajax Steele has fought against evil for centuries, a brutal life that commanded the ultimate sacrifice. When a dangerous enemy resurfaces, Ajax must sever ties with his team and go deep to stop him. His only chance? Team up with the alluringly sexy woman destined to kill him the moment they fall in love.

Cursed with a rare magic, Madison Locke has spent her life on the run from assassins, living in the shadows to conceal a terrible secret. But when her sister is kidnapped by a merciless hunter, Madison must emerge from hiding to save her. To succeed, she must recruit the help of a dangerously tempting warrior who awakens a burning hunger inside her that threatens them both.

A silken caress. A steaming kiss. Can two fated enemies survive their deadly mate bond and save those they love?

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It’s been so long since I’ve been a part of this brotherhood of intensely loyal and honorable (and tormented) warriors, and it has given me so much joy to come back to it. I hope you love it as much as I do. Sometimes, when life is crazy, the best comfort is going back to that which you love. And if you’re new to the series, you will have twelve books to occupy you once this one wins your heart over!

Sending everyone so much love!


PS Thank you so much to all the readers in my Rowe’s Rockstars Facebook group for your help on the cover and the blurb! You guys rock.

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