Only a couple hours left...

I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that the free book BOGO offer will be ending in a couple hours. If you haven’t bought Rock Your Evil yet and downloaded your freebie from the link in the back of the book, do it NOW or you’ll miss it, ’cause this sale is disappearing in a few hours! 
Still on the fence about buying Rock Your Evil?  Fence-sit no longer! Here’s proof, baby!
Here’s an email I got last night:
“I have always loved your books – the intensity is amazing! However, I am in close to the middle of “Rock Your Evil”, and I just love the humor and “realism” (as realistic as the paranormal can get) that P.B. is exhibiting – she got hurt, lost a hand, and now her mind is thinking, “OMG! This shit just got real, and I don’t want to die!”, which is what most people should be thinking in the same situation. I just wanted you to know I LOVE the new, humorous, edgy, but bad-ass characters in this book – and the “soft” side of Thano! (Why do I want to add a “s” to the end of his name every time??)  Thanks again!! ~Kristi G.”
And from another reader on Rock Your Evil
“O.M.G!! She did it! … LOVE this new series. Fantastic Stephanie!! I can’t wait to hear all the reactions from your readers. I think they are going to love it too! ~Heidi H.
And this one…
“Bravo S.A. Bayne!  That was quite the story!  I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to see what’s in store for PB!  And Thano of course…. ~Felicia M.
And this…
“This story is FANTASTIC but honestly all of your stories are great but I would agree that this is something special…I love everything so far, the names of these characters are just hilarious and PERFECT. Hey have you ever thought about being a comedian because you got game – LOL!”
~Amber S.
“AWESOME.  Funny, scary, clever, fast-paced.  So many reasons to love it.  You also did a great job setting up the next book.” ~Jeanne S.
How can so many awesome women be wrong? They can’t! Give it a try (after all, you can always return it, right?) Don’t miss out! Buy Rock Your Evil before midnight Pacific and get The Demon You Trust for free! Whoohoo!!! 
Here are the links to purchase Rock Your Evil. Once you get it, go to the Table of Contents, Select “Free Book,” then click on the link to download The Demon You Trust.

 Have an awesome night!


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