Reading Hacks & Freaking Awesome

On the Bobby Bones show today, I heard a quote from Russell Dickerson (country music star) about how he is so optimistic that every morning he shakes his wife awake and tells her that it’s going to be a freaking awesome day, and the sun is shining, and he can’t wait to get going, so let’s GO!  She said he does that literally every single day.

I love it, because every situation can be made better with the right attitude. I actually saw a quote the other day on Pinterest that said, “Someone else took the situation you’re complaining about and WON with it.”


So, I’m putting those two quotes together and taking 2020 by storm! Publish more books. Write more books. Connect with my readers via newsletter and social media. I’m starting by putting together a calendar of the top things I want to accomplish, making space for them, and then fitting in the small things around them. 

Writing update #1: I got new covers for the Order of the Blade series! I haven’t gotten them all up on my website yet, but you can see them here. Which do you like best? 

Writing update #2: I was working on my new secret project today. It’s still secret, but I can give you three hints. It involves:

A deadly macaron.
A love triangle.
A retired assassin. Oh, wait, did I say retired? Maybe I meant, somewhat retired. Or tempted out of retirement retired. Because it’s always (never?) a good thing when your friendly neighborhood assassin comes out of retirement for YOU. 

Writing update #3: As for that alternative version of Darkness Awakened I mentioned a while ago? It still doesn’t have the 500 votes needed for me to go forward with it, so the survey is still up on my website or here. At any time we hit 500, I will commence work on it. 

Life hack tip #1: My favorite reading hack is when I am reading a print book while I’m eating, I use the salt and pepper shakers to hold the book open. I don’t recommend using a full glass of a beverage to do it. #fail #oops#waterloggedbook. What’s your fave book hack?

So, my goals for 2020? Write more. Publish more. Find joy in every moment 

What are yours?  Peace out. 


Stephanie aka SAB

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