It’s Release Day!!  Curse of the Dragon is finally here! I’m SO excited! YAY! 

It already has some amazing reviews on Goodreads, and sales are rocking. Thank you ALL so much for your support! This book is such a sexy, funny, and high stakes paranormal romance, and I’m so excited for it to finally hit the shelves!! 

Here are the store links if you want to check it out, or better yet, grab a copy for yourself!


You guys are the best! I’m see excited to share this with you!!


PS I’m ALMOST finished with the next Wyoming Rebels book, so if you’ve hankering for some cowboy, it’s a-coming! But in the meantime, DRAGONS ARE HERE!!

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Crystal H.
Crystal H.
1 year ago

Okay, I have a question. What’s up with the author & series name change? I’ve had these books forever under the name Stephanie Rowe, when they were still called the Immortally Sexy series. (And the covers were so cute!) You had me thinking you had a whole new series out. :(

Crystal H.
Crystal H.
1 year ago

I just remembered the other questions I had for you. If a Rivka DOES manage to leave Satan’s service, can they still do the whole melting thing? And can they disappear from, say California, and re-appear in another country like Germany? That would save on a LOT of airfare and trouble!

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