Want some feel-goods?

Need some positive vibes and pick-me-up today? Well, rock on, you got it! 

Why? I’ll tell ya, if I can stop doing my happy dance. Why am I so pumped? Because today is release day!  One More Kiss, my fun, irreverent rom com / chick lit hit the shelves this morning, and it’s already delivering the feel-good we all need right now! Don’t miss this delightful romp that has “a touch of sizzle, a dash of sass, a sprinkle of humour…delivers on every level!” ~Five-star Goodreads Review (Laura C).

Seriously, two of the three reviews on Amazon so far (from ARC reviewers) said that they stayed up the entire night because they couldn’t stop reading (Anna L and txlamb). Wouldn’t that feel good right now? To be having so much fun reading that even sleep can wait? Honestly, it brings me SO MUCH HAPPINESS to be able to bring a little joy into the world. If I can do that for you, too? AWESOME. 

“It’s great fun, witty, engaging and I loved it.” ~Five Star Goodreads Review (George R.)

“Razzle dazzle! Stephanie rolled this bad boy right on out with all the frills and spills, hooking you from the start and reeling you in for the duration” ~Five-star Goodreads Review (Kaye)

“This comic…romance cost me a nights sleep as I could not put it down!” ~Five-star Goodreads Review (Laura B.) (Ohh…lookie! A third review that says One More Kiss was so good she couldn’t stop reading long enough to sleep! YAY!) (P

How fun is this? Seriously. It’s a total feel good read with a great ending. I know it’s a little different than my usual stories, but the readers who love my other books are loving this too, so give it a try! 

Get it here:
Amazon: https://bit.ly/OMKAmazon
Nook: https://bit.ly/OMKNook
iBooks: https://bit.ly/OMKiBooks
Kobo: https://bit.ly/OMKKobo
GooglePlay: https://bit.ly/OMKGPlay


Stephanie, your personal feel-good deliverer

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