Why you should see Rocketman. Twice.

What do Elton John and SA Bayne’s Satan have in common? 
I am about to head out to my second viewing of Rocketman, the Elton John story, because I loved it so much…and because I felt like the universe was delivering me a lesson with the movie.
See, here’s the thing. Elton John was eccentric, incredibly talented, and gay from day one. His parents refused to give him the love he craved so badly, so he lived a life trying to be good enough to get love from them, especially his father. He knew his father disapproved of his music, his sexual orientation, and his flamboyance, so Elton John was literally tormented by his internal war tearing him apart.
He became Elton, with his high heels, glitter, and bright colors…because that was who he was…but he kept telling himself he did it because the fans wanted it. Because he was putting on a show. He could not admit that it was him, because that persona was rejected by his dad.
Because his dad hated him, Elton had to hate himself. Even when he was BEING himself, he had to hate it. This led to drug addiction, attempted suicide, and all sorts of other awful things.
But when he finally decided to love himself, to stop trying to get love from people who would never love him, he finally found peace.
I found this very powerful, because I try to live my life under the mantra of “be yourself.” But after watching the movie, I realized that I forgot half the equation. You have to be yourself, but if you don’t also love yourself, too, then you are going to be miserable as hell.
I know, because I lived that for a long time. It’s hard to be your own unique self, because the rest of the world wants you to be something that makes their life easier or better. So, if you are brave enough to BE yourself, then you’re going to disappoint a lot of people, so it gets even tougher to love yourself, when so many people are trying to get you to be the way they need you to be. 
But you have to find a way to love your true self. If you don’t, your soul will wither and die. 
I think my character of Satan came from that place inside me that wanted to be my own unique self, unashamed and unapologetic, just as how Elton John was finally able to do. See, Satan breaks all the rules, and he knows it. He’s the hugest romantic ever, he harvests souls on a regular basis, he invents torture chambers for fun…and he has such a pure zest for life that it’s infectious. 
Why is he so infectious in his joy? Because he’s Satan, the evil dude that the world loves to hate and condemn, and yet, he loves and accepts himself unconditionally. He freely admits he is Satan and therefor engages in all sorts of nefarious activities, and he does it with joy and love. He never tries to hide who he is. He’s never ashamed. He’s not afraid to admit when he’s the best at something, and he’s not afraid to admit when he’s the worst.

He literally doesn’t care one bit what anyone thinks of him. He just lives as passionately and vibrantly as he can, and it’s so freaking awesome. And let’s be honest, despite all his claims to be Satan, he’s actually extremely endearing and a really good guy…but again, he doesn’t try to hide his huge heart. He what he is, and you can love him or hate him. 
In Not Quite a Devil, Satan explains that he is the son of the original Satan, and that his dad was a bad dude, so bad that Satan has dedicated his life to rejecting everything about his heritage that he possibly can. He doesn’t do it to try to win people over, he does it for himself, and that is the only way to live. 
If Satan can love himself in the face of such universal condemnation, then can’t we all learn to love who we are, no matter how much we think we fall short of the standards set by our family, our friends, the media, or anything else in society? Yes, granted, he’s fictional, but in a way, he’s not, because I wrote him from my own heart. 
Go see Rocketman.
Go read Not Quite a Devil. (And in case you’re rolling your eyes at the thought that a story about Satan as a romantic lead can POSSIBLY be worth reading, go check out the reviews on Amazon. Seriously. Just go look right here.Judge for yourself). 
Then think about how you view yourself, your soul, your dreams, and even your body.
Then decide to be who you truly are, and LOVE YOURSELF in EVERY FREAKING WAY. 
I’ve made that decision, and it is changing my life. 

PS I will be announcing this week what book won the “which book should I write next” content, so keep an eye on your inbox.

PPS With only two weeks to go until Curse of the Dragoncomes out, I am finally getting organized. The sneak peek will be going up in the next day or two. I’ll let you know when! 

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