Win a Cameo & Wet Cement Shenanigans!

Want to win a cameo in one of my books? Keep on reading! 

Over here at Chez Rowe, we are in the middle of a backyard transformation! As part of the process, our awesome dude Ivan, who was making magic happen, laid some fresh cement for the new steps, and then disappeared for lunch.

What did I do while he was gone? Well, what would anyone do when left with wet cement and no supervision? I grabbed a stick and put my initials (and a heart!) in it, of course! So now, beneath the blue stone, my initials are embedded forever. 

And it got me thinking...wouldn’t it be cool for some readers to wet-cement themselves into one of my books? I think it would, and since my world revolves around my self-entertainment, I decided to go for it! 

So, here’s the dealio: go to the link below, enter your name, email, and what you’d want in a book (your name, a sword, a blue dog named Sprinkles, the color violet, a crown, or whatever), and then I will pick THREE random winners and notify you about which upcoming book your Wet Cement Cameo is going into! How fun is that? If people love it and it works out well, I’ll do it for every book! So, if you think this is cool, click below and sign up! 

I want a wet cement cameo! 


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