You rock. End of story.

Last night, my daughter was so angry at me that she refused to speak for me for six hours. Why? Because I made her go to field hockey practice when she didn’t want to go. Seems small, right? But it unleashed something inside her that made her so angry that it lasted for hours.

It’s not easy when people don’t want you to do, be, say, or have the things that feel right to you. It’s so much easier to cave and decide to go the route with the least friction. But when you do that, you don’t serve anyone, especially yourself, but including the people who you are making happy by doing what they want. 

Last night was a struggle for me. It’s hard enough when the world in general doesn’t want you to be you, but when those closest to you rebel against it…well…they have a lot of power over us and our emotions and our state of mind. And then it can cascade into bigger and bigger self-doubt, self-criticism, and igniting self-limitations on all aspects of our lives. 

We all do it.

But we need to stop. 

So, I am taking this an opportunity to remind myself that I MATTER. What’s inside me MATTERS. My dreams. My hopes. My spark. THEY MATTER. Just as you, your dreams, your feelings, and your spark do. 

This morning, when I got to the computer, a message came across my FB feed that I needed to see, as I awoke this morning still out of sorts, and I felt inspired to share it with you, because I think I’m not the only one who needs this reminder this morning:

From Kute Blackson, author of an amazing book called You Are the One:

“To hold back your voice and gifts is more painful than the risk of sharing it.

You are the vehicle for the universe to speak and express through.

You are the one that life gave the vision and message to. Your responsibility is to simply speak your voice.

Simply do your part.

Speak your heart.

This is the start.

Leave the rest of the details to the universe.

So don’t compare your voice and gifts to anyone else. It’s easy to look at those around you and let that stop you from speaking up and sharing your gifts. Or even to try and copy those around you that may seem successful. But in doing so you lose your own authentic flavor and voice. When you try and be like someone else you lose your originality and uniqueness.

The goal in life isn’t to be a “perfect” human being, like there even is such a thing. The goal in life is to be an authentic human being.

Real success isn’t just what you attain in the world. But the degree to which you become the most authentic version of yourself.

When you are fully being you, you win every time, since you have no competition in being you!

Dig deep. Feel into your heart. Trust what you feel and hear. Don’t take the safe road by hiding yourself, or hiding behind someone else’s truth.

Put yourself out there, you never know who is listening and who will be inspired.

Share your voice even if it only touches one person’s life.

That one person’s life matters.

That’s why your voice matters.

Who you are is living art.

Being who you are is the greatest gift that you can give the world.”

So, chew on that as you go through your day. Comment below and let me know if it helped. 


PS Don’t forget, Curse of the Dragon comes out on Tuesday, and all the preorder links are now live! The heroine is a dragon who is dealing with the exact things this email talks about, so it’s relevant, in a sassy, sexy, romantic, girl-power way. Yeah, most of us aren’t dragons, but the struggle is the same.

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